Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!


Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

From home battery to storage system for convenience and industrial applications. Energy storage systems are an indispensable link in the energy transition we face today. Among others, we offer high-end battery systems from BlauHoff To achieve this safely, environmentally friendly and on a large scale. A powerwall like this is ideal if you are in the process of storing solar energy. For more batteries, check out our shop.

The demand for energy storage is increasing. BlauHoff is the specialist in this field. Whether it is a home battery, large-scale storage or off-grid systems, BlauHoff always has a suitable solution. Quality and durability are paramount. This Battery System is suitable for large-scale energy storage.

Energy storage can serve a variety of purposes:
- Store excess solar power to use on your own at night
- Backup during power outages to ensure your continuous operations
- Peak shaving/Peak shaving
- Trade in energy
- Balancing the net
- Neighborhood Batteries

To create a healthy business model, several of the above applications can be combined in one system.

Features of this storage system:
- Self-use and smart energy management
- Store excess energy generated by measuring, monitoring and managing the solar panels and use it at your convenience
- Ability to optimize life span through intelligent algorithms
- Backup power supply
- Provides emergency power supply
- Longest lifetime and highest safety during power outages
- More than 6000 cycles
- Broad compatibility for home energy storage
- Reduction of electricity bills
- Compatible with 16 mainstreams
- Charge the battery during off-peak hours
- Battery drains energy during peak hours
- 10-year warranty
- UN38.3

Technical Specifications:
Battery Model Power: -A*36
Rated voltage: 51.2V
Voltage/High voltage value: 47.5V-57.6V
Rated capacity: 100Ah
Nominal Energy: 5.12kWh *36 = 184.32 KwH
Unit Dimension:L440mm* W620mm* H117mm(2.6U)
Unit weight: 51kg*36
Standard charging current: 50A
Maximum charging current: 50A
Standard Discharge Current: 50A
Maximum Discharge Current: 50A
Round travel efficiency: ≥95%
Communication Protocol: RS232, RS485, CAN
Cycle life: ≥6000cycles
System life time: ≥10years
Works within temperatures from -10°C to 50°C
Parallel style
Storage temperature within 1 month: -20-55°C, 1-month: 0-35°C, 3-12 months: 20-25°C
Features a control panel

Price in combination with solar panels, 0% VAT: €61,463
Price with 21% VAT: €74,370

(See the IRS site for explanation and to see what applies to you)

Quantity of KwH

31 - 200 KwH