Uw webshop voor thuisbatterijen voor zonnepanelen!


Uw webshop voor thuisbatterijen voor zonnepanelen!

Uw webshop voor thuisbatterijen voor zonnepanelen!

Hazardous material according to UN 3480 / Transport hazard class 9 / Packing Group II

***The DC connection plugs are not included in the scope of delivery by the manufacturer and must be ordered separately as an accessory (SolarEdge: 0133018 / SMA: 0133110) and crimped to a suitable cable.
Alternatively, our pre-assembled cable set 0133043 (SolarEdge) or 0133112 (SMA) can be used for the installation of the SolarEdge or SMA inverter***

– usable capacity: 20.00 kWh
– nominal voltage: 51.2 V
– Max. Output current: 250A
– Peak Output current: 360A, 5s
– Operating Voltage Range: 40-57,6 V
– ambient temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C
– interfaces: CAN/RS485
– round trip energy efficiency: >= 95 %
– certification: VDE2510-50 / IEC62619/ CE / CEC / UN38.3
– IP protection class: IP55
– Applications: ON Grid / ON Grid + Backup / OFF GridSet includes:
5x 0132855 (BYD B-BOX PREMIUM LVS battery module)
1x 0132856 (BYD LV PDU + Base)
1x 0150825 (BYD LV Battery Management Unit NEW)

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Hoeveelheid KwH

16 – 20 KwH



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