Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!


Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

The SAJ Lithium Battery is a perfect solution for residential PV installations with storage. This battery is an advanced lithium-ion battery that operates at 48 V dc. It is compatible with most hybrid inverters on the market. Up to 8 batteries can be stacked in parallel.

This SAJ battery can serve as an extension to the SAJ AS1 Retrofit Battery. It contains a battery management system (BMS), which is used to ensure the efficiency of the battery and prevent overcharging or over discharge.

In a hybrid PV system, the generated electricity coming from the solar panels is first supplied to consumers during the day. The excess energy is used to charge the battery. If there is more energy left, it is supplied to the grid. At night or on cloudy days, the system draws power from the battery.
These types of solar installations with batteries are very interesting and pay for themselves in a few years, as they provide great savings in the consumption of the house. Good ventilation is very important in the installation room, since if there is too little ventilation it can affect the performance of the internal electronic components and shorten the life of the system.

Features Battery Lithium SAJ 48V B1 5.1 kWh

Voltage:42-58 VDC
Multi-Voltage:48 VDC
Intensity:60 A
Capacity:5.12 kWh
Usage:Indoor and Outdoor
IP Protection factor:IP65
Material:Aluminum - PC
Dimensions:410x650x186 mm
Height:410 mm
Width:650 mm
Length:186 mm
Weight:48 kg
Warranty:3 Years
Certificates:CE & RoHS
The price for this product with 21% VAT = €3,767
The price for this product without VAT = €3,113
Quantity of KwH

0 - 5 Kwh