Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!


Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

This set includes:

  • 3 x BMZ Battery Module Helios
  • 1 x BMZ Housing Hyperion

BMZ Battery Module Helios (SKU: 612033)

Intelligent power battery extension for the new Hyperion high-voltage storage system, consisting of a module with a total capacity of 3 kWh. Easy and reliable to install. The memory can be easily expanded in the future. The system is of course manufactured in Germany. The Helios module is ready to be connected to multiple connections, convinces with its long service life and is very light and compact. See the data sheet in the Download menu for more information about the Helios battery module. Power 48.7 Ah, energy content 2.50 kWh, rated voltage 51.8V.

BMZ Housing Hyperion (SKU: 616038)

Due to its modularity, the new, innovative Hyperion high-voltage storage system is easy to install, but at the same time reliable. Moreover, the storage system can also be expanded in the future when a higher energy volume is needed. The product is manufactured in Germany and can be equipped with a minimum of three and a maximum of six modules, up to a total capacity of 15 kWh. High-performance lithium-ion battery cells are installed in the Hyperion. The safe design and sturdy construction are successors to the proven BMZ quality of previous storage forms. The system is suitable as an emergency power storage system, and it reduces overall system costs and increases system efficiency. It is a true high-voltage storage device, eliminating the need for a hidden DC/DC converter. The Hyperion is compatible with inverters from several manufacturers, as shown in the compatibility chart.

Price with 21% VAT = €6683
Price with 0% VAT = €5523

Quantity of KwH

6 -10 KwH