Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!


Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

The BlauHoff ESS All in one home battery with internal fire/heat protection will be available in the 3rd quarter with a 1-phase inverter and in early 2023 with a 3-phase inverter.

You can sign up for this home battery system now or possibly request information to see if it suits your situation.

This home powerwall can be mounted indoors or outdoors, just like a Tesla Powerwall. It takes less than 2 hours. In addition, you also have a 10-year warranty!

How does the fire/heat protection system of BlauHoff all in one ESS battery system work ?
When eem dangerous abnormality occurs in the machine and the temperature rises, it will release a number of rare gases, including hydrogen. Active detection device combined with AI analysis of multi dimensional battery status will opine that the machine is faulty. Then the machine will be shut down for protection, and will show the message "abnormal" on our ECS APP.
In addition to this technology now being used only in the energy storage C&I cabinet, BlauHoff is the first company to use this system within the residential energy storage industry. We consider product safety very important. Thus, BlauHoff uses only the high quality component from top-tier suppliers and uses the latest technology to prevent hazards that can arise from solar energy storage.

This system also has the important gas detection technology. This is combined with AI analysis of multi-dimensional battery status to provide early warning when needed.

Design: High integration, delicate and modern design

This home battery is easy to use. There are only three modules, eliminating the need for a back up box and inverter.... It is also very safe due to hydrogen detection and the so-called "autostuff level chips.

Power density : 89Wh/kg 115kg
Installation time : < 2h
Switching time : <10MS UPS level always prepared for blackout
Warranty : > 30 MWh 10-year lifetime

Technical info :

Absolute max voltage [d.c.V] 600
MPPT Voltage range [d.c.V] 100...550
Max. DC input power [W] 4800620066508000
Start-up voltage [d.c.V] 90
Rated operating voltage [d.c.V] 360
Max. Input current [d.c.A] 12.5/12.5
Max inverter backfeed current to array [d.c.A] 0
Isc PV [d.c.A] 18/18
NO.of MPP Trackers 2
NO.of Strings per MPP Tracker1
Battery Model
Battery capacityLiFePO4 5.12kWhLiFePO4 10.24kWh
Nominal battery voltage [d.c.V] 204.8 409.6
Range of battery voltage [d.c.V] 160...227.2 320...454.4
Max. Charge/discharge current [d.c.A] 25/25
AC Input/Output
Rated output power [W] 3600460050006000
Rated apparent power to grid [VA] 3600460050006000000
Max. Apparent power to grid [VA] 3600460050006000
Max. Apparent grid power [VA] 720092001000012000
Rated voltage [a.c.v.] 220/230/240
Rated frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated AC current to grid [a.c.V] 15.62021.726.1
Max output current [a.c.V] 17.22223.928.7
Max. Grid current [a.c.A] 31.24043.452.2
Inrush current [a.c.A]
Max. fault current output [a.c.A] 57 (peak), 40 (rms)
16 a.c.A (peak), 11.3 us (duration)
AC output Maximum output overcurrent protection[a.c.A] 40
AC input power factor -0.8...+0.8
AC output power factor1(-0.8...+0.8 adjustable)
THDi< 3%
EPS output (with battery)
Max. Uitgangsvermogen [W]3600460050006000
Rated apparent power [VA] 4320552060007200
Max. Apparent power [VA] 4320552060007200
Rated voltage [a.c.V.] 230 (±2%)
Normal frequency [Hz] 50/60 (±0.2%)
Max. Output current [a.c.A] 18.82426.131.3
Inrush current [a.c.A] 16 a.c.A (peak), 11.3 us (duration)
Max. fault current output [a.c.A] 57 (peak), 40 (rms)
EPS output Maximum output overcurrent protection[a.c.A]40
Switching time [ms] < 10
THDv at linear load [%]< 2
Power factor-0.8...+0.8
Home battery storage with solar power

Price , 0% VAT: €6198
Price with 21% VAT: €7500


CE Approved
Attestation of conformity TUV Sud Munich Germany
Number of Phase

1 Phase

Quantity of KwH

6 -10 KwH





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