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Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

Flexible rates

What are flexible energy tariffs and why exactly are they interesting in combination with a home battery?

Flexible energy tariffs are the energy tariffs that vary by day and hour and are based on the purchase prices of energy on the power and gas exchange. Power rates are different every hour and at times of high supply think solar, or wind energy supply are incredibly low or even negative!

Of course, you have no use for a low electricity rate at times when you don't use or need it, but what if you could buy it cheaply, store it at home and use it at a later time or sell it at a higher rate.....?

This is precisely why a home battery is a fantastic solution! Even at times when there is no sun or when you don't even have solar panels at all and you still want to benefit from inexpensive power!

With flexible rates combined with a home battery, you can capitalize on the most advantageous power prices by adjusting your consumption, charge and discharge times on a daily basis. This way, you can lower your energy bill.

You can see what the energy rates are per hour or per day with most suppliers offering flexible rates 24 hours in advance.

A good hybrid inverter has the ability to pre-program various charge and discharge moments. This possibility and the number of moments that can be set depends strongly on the brand and type. We recommend the Sunsynk or Deye hybrid inverters.

Benefits flexible rates combined with a home battery system.

  • You have the option to always use the most advantageous rates per day/per hour and recharge your battery with it.
  • You have the option of selling power purchased at a lower rate at a later date.
  • You pay the fair price for power.
  • The scholarship award is public, so verification is possible.
  • All customers pay the same rate, regardless of how long they have been customers.
    It may be that you will be more conscious of your energy consumption, because you will be doing a lot with this if you want to take advantage of the rates.

Disadvantages flexible rates

  • A contract with flexible tariffs cannot be entered into without a smart meter.
  • You never receive a welcome discount. Such a discount can make your energy bill lower.
  • You pay relatively high fixed supply costs. So to save, you must then purchase at favorable energy rates.
  • Can cost you more time than you want: if you have a contract with flexible rates, you may find yourself spending a lot of time checking energy rates.
  • If rates are less favorable at times when you purchase energy, you may only have higher energy bills due to these rates.