Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!


Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels!

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Your webshop for home batteries for solar panels

Now in stock 13/11/22 : BYD HVS and HVM, Sungrow SBR, Pylontech Force L1 and H1 and US5000C US2000 US3000, Solar edge HV, Blauhoff, Dyness, Huawei Luna,SOLAREDGE LV, Deye inverters and Solis hybrid inverters!

Coming soon (+/-1-2 weeks) : Pylontech Force H2, BYD LVS (FREE RESERVATION POSSIBLE)

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Ready to save energy costs?

With you can immediately start reducing your energy costs. By storing power at home you can now decide for yourself where and when you want to use the energy.

DISCOVER THE DIFFERENT COLORS OF HOME BATTERIES FROM THE NEW BLAUHOFF BRAND specializes in battery solar panels. These are also called powerwalls. These powerwalls can store solar energy, giving you control from home over where and when you use the stored solar energy.

Storing solar energy can be arranged with a home battery for solar panels. Your home battery is a kind of buffer that allows you to retain energy when there is a lot of sun, or instead release it to the public grid or your own home when there is no sun.
Home batteries can be bought in different sizes. On average, 5 KwH is sufficient. Often you can also connect them in parallel to achieve more KwH per hour. The home battery or "solar panel battery" can be mounted indoors or outdoors, depending on the type you choose. supplies home batteries to both individuals and installers.

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Advantages of home batteries for solar panels

Buying home batteries for solar panels is a very wise idea if you want to consciously do your bit for the environment. In addition, there are many other benefits that come with it. Below you will find the most popular benefits:

  • You can benefit from generating your own green energy if you have solar panels on your roof. This also prepares you for an energy-efficient and sustainable future.
  • Your energy bill will go down significantly. This is because you will use more of the power produced by your solar panels that is stored in the home battery and less from the power grid.
  • You are largely independent of energy suppliers, even at times of energy shortage. 
  • You are actively engaged in environmental improvement and combating climate change if the home battery is environmentally friendly.
  • Do you live off grid or live in a remote area? Then a home solar panel battery is ideal if you want to meet some of your own energy needs.
  • A battery at your home can be perfectly used for storing energy from your solar panels. It is also a good backup in case the power goes out or there is an outage within the grid.
  • By storing energy with solar panels, you can take advantage of the premium and reduced VAT rate from 21% to 6% on both the installation and purchase of the home battery, provided your home is older than 10 years.
  • A home battery is the perfect combination with solar panels. Better said; It is recommended to purchase a home battery if you have solar panels on the roof or are considering it. is happy to help you with this.

Discover the different colors of home batteries from the BlauHoff brand

The BlauHoff All in one system is with inverter. This complete set is turnkey

Peakshaving for lower fixed connection

The use of our high-performance batteries enables peakshaving: better matching of power supply and demand. Thanks to this powerful technology, higher peak loads are no problem. In this way, we not only ensure a reduction in on-site inconvenience and grid outages and often substantial cost savings, but also a reduction in CO₂ emissions of up to 100%.

Often the base load you need to run your business is much lower than the power peaks demanded for short or long periods of time. Our batteries can be constantly powered by a small energy source such as a grid connection, renewable generation or a generator. When a temporary peak occurs, our batteries are ready to deliver the high power required without any problems. The moment consumption is less, we recharge the battery: ready for the next peak and ready for the future.

Our long-life batteries can work with all energy sources.

Some good examples:
- Grid connections of up to 500 amps are optimally utilized to supply the required kWh.
- Renewable energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines is used immediately or temporarily stored for a while for later use when needed.
- Aggregates can also be used if the above sources cannot produce enough kWh. Our software ensures that they run as little as possible and are used as efficiently as possible at your location. 
- Companies can deduct 45.5% of the purchase amount from VPB. 

What capacity home battery is right for me?

Hybrid inverters

Want to use a home battery and store energy for later? Hybrid inverters, also called smart inverters, are then the most distinguished choice. You can distinguish between 1 phase and 3 phase inverters and "low voltage" and "high voltage" inverters. 

The choice depends on the battery choice. The Blauhoff home battery BLH-5KW is a low voltage battery and therefore needs a low voltage hybrid inverter. The list of types is with the BLH-5KW on the site.

If you have found a hybrid inverter to your liking and you don't know if it is Low voltage or High voltage, we recommend you look at the specifications under Battery Voltage Range (V). For example, if it says 100-660 there, it is a High voltage inverter. If it says 48-52, then the inverter is suitable for Low Voltage. Basically, we do not supply inverters, but for emergencies we can always help you or your installer.  

What actually is a hybrid inverter?

A hybrid inverter is needed when energy is to be used later. These inverters work the same as normal inverters, with some clever modifications. For example, this inverter can conduct the generated energy to where power is needed within the house.
Do you use little or no power? Then the generated energy is fed into a home battery for solar panels. So the energy is then not sent back to the energy grid. 

Is a battery full? Then the energy does get delivered back to the grid or a device/car. Just what you prefer.


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We like to give you different options when it comes to energy storage systems. At you have control over which system you choose.


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From our customers

We think customer satisfaction is the most important thing there is. That's why we like to stay informed about their experiences with, and learn from them to keep evolving.

"We were advised two years ago by A choice we should have made much earlier, because our Blauhoff home battery works great and has reduced our energy costs considerably!"

Marianne Schalk
Province of Utrecht

"I was still hesitating between certain brands for powerwalls. In the end, I bought a power storage system and installed it at home. It is a beautiful and convenient device. It's ideal that you can control where your power goes."

Edwin van Laar
Province of Gelderland

Remedy financial problems with self-stored power

With a home battery, power is never lost again. The energy is stored in the powerwall, and is only used when you want it. You can also decide where in the house the power is used. After a while, you will soon notice that the energy costs become drastically lower


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